Today we celebrated the official launch of the Five Keys Mobile Classroom.  It was a big day for us as it is technically the first built project for Designing Justice + Designing Spaces. This article in Fast Company Magazine also talks a little bit more about the process and the product from the design side. We are happy with the outcome in large part due to the incredible work of our fabricators and co-designers Oakology and Envelope Engineers. They put so much love into it and it shows. We are so grateful for their dedication on the project. It would have been impossible with out them.


20170629_Five Keys 183.CR25-17_DesigningJustice_5Keys-810

On Monday we had our finalist interview with Artplace America Creative Place making Fund. We rode around the Bayview Hunters Pt San Francisco in the bus and pulled up next to an ice cream truck. A lot of kids were there and they came running up to the bus with excitement. It was our first test of its impact. We were pleased with the attention as it’s not easy to lure kids away from an ice cream truck.  They checked out the inside and definitely went to get ice cream after realizing it was not a “party bus” but one for learning. Oh well…




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Now we move on to the next one… Stay tuned for the Women’s Resource Bus. We need to keep this thing moving.


Deanna and Kyle

The Pop-up Resource Village makes the finals.


1-Pop-up Resource Village

(June 6, 2017) Today, ArtPlace America announced that Designing Justice + Designing Spaces proposal to develop The Pop-up Resource Village is one of 70 finalists for the 2017 National Creative Placemaking Fund (NCPF).  ArtPlace selected these 70 proposals from 987 applications, making DJ+DS’s project one of just 7% of the projects across the country to make this cut.

“These seventy finalists are extraordinary examples of the ways that artists, arts organizations, and communities are thinking about working together,” said ArtPlace Director of National Grantmaking F. Javier Torres.  “We look forward to learning more about all of them, as we visit with them this summer.”

ArtPlace’s National Creative Placemaking Fund is a highly competitive national program, receiving 987 applications this year. Investing money in communities across the country in which artists, arts organizations, and arts and culture activity help drive community development change across 10 sectors of community planning and development: agriculture and food; economic development; education and youth; environment and energy; health; housing; immigration; public safety; transportation; or workforce development.


Five Keys Mobile Classroom: The First Village Anchor

Our project-The Pop-up Resource Village- will focus on the public safety sector by activating underutilized land with mobile resources that “pop-up” on a regular basis to create a village of civic resources for under-resourced communities.Through the creation and aggregation of new and existing mobile structures the village seeks to eliminate the economic and social isolation many communities face by bringing education, health, retail, recreation and other community identified assets directly to them. In eliminating these barriers, the Pop-Up Resource Village seeks to improve social cohesion and increase in public safety using the power of creative placemaking.

Pop-Up Resource Village WEBSITE SLIDES

This project is supported by a robust network of community partners and we want to thank our core group for their continued support and leadership on this project:

  • Five Keys Schools and Programs
  • Hunters Point Family
  • Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center
  • 3rd Street Youth Clinic

Please check out the complete list of the 2017 finalists for ArtPlace’s National Creative Placemaking Fund may be found here.  We are proud that this project is among these amazing 70 finalists.



For more info Contact our awesome project manager….or me(:

Gretchen Mokry

Designing Justice + Designing Spaces