Designing and Building: A School on Wheels

Google Impact

can see that turning buses into other stuff is getting popular because on September 19th it was announced that we were one of 25 out of 800 applicants to win a Google Impact Challenge Grant.  In addition, after two amazing community engagement workshops, 6 site visits and many interviews and surveys we have completed our concept design for the School on Wheels. We made a video you can watch and the rendering below.big view animated 06a

The Rauschenberg Foundation also released their new call for proposals for next year’s Artists as Activist and a video of me speaking about our project that helps set the stage for the kind of proposals they are looking for. You can check it out here with a zippy acoustic soundtrack. If you are an artist working on issues of mass incarceration, make sure to apply!

As for our next steps, construction will begin soon and we are looking for space and electrical/mechanical engineers to help us out. If you know resources for either please send it my way.

Pop up Resource Village Project Description

2015-07-30 10.39.23

Starting January, we will also begin working with incarcerated women to design the next bus which will be a shelter for women released in the middle of the night. Often there are pimps waiting for them as they come out and they have nowhere to go. This vehicle will have social service representatives available to them, a shower, warm bed, and clothes. My hope is we can drive them somewhere safe too.

We will also continue to reach out to other mobile service providers who can join us in creating the Pop up Resource Village. My hope is the next update will be photos of our first bus under construction and the women at work designing a mobile space for re-entry!



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