First article on restorative justice and design!

7.23.14 Peacemaking Room Render

Near Westside Peacemaking Center Rendering

I have been speaking with reporter Lee Romney for the last year or two about doing an article on Restorative Justice and Design. She had wanted to come into one of the jails or prisons with Barb and myself but we had been struggling to find a time and place where this was possible. As seen in my last post Lee was able to take photos of our workshop at the San Bruno Jail and get the last piece of the puzzle for her article. While the title is a off to me the article itself tells a story about how we got here and where we might be able to go if we include everyone if our vision for creating a society that fosters healing and transformation. If you have some time today please take a look and let me know your thoughts. I hope this won’t be the last article on this topic!






One thought on “First article on restorative justice and design!

  1. Congrats Deanna – this is a great article! so glad to see your work getting more attention!
    Headlines are generally written by editors rather than the reporters and in my experience they often have these kind of mistakes, especially in our field. Many people can’t get their heads around the idea that we are designing alternatives to jails rather than better jails or inmate-designed jails. Don’t worry about the headline – this is great awareness-raising about the value of your work!

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