Designing Justice Designing Spaces


Molly Rowan, Barb Toews

Molly Rowan, Barb Toews

Late last year I was speaking at the Virginia Mediators Conference and a local restorative justice practitioner, David Deal, suggested I contact Molly Rowan and speak on her show.  My first reaction was “Who is Molly Rowan?” but I took the time to look her up and was inspired by her life journey to become a peace activist working to promote restorative justice around the world and to connect people across disciplines working in this field.   I cannot do her story justice so I recommend listening to her tell it herself on Herb Blake’s Path to Justice.  I received a graceful personal introduction to Molly through my colleague Sujatha Baliga and knew from Molly’s openness that I could freely share with her how I came to be so passionate about restorative justice.  I told her my story from the beginning to the end completing it by presenting to her two projects in my office:  the peacemaking center we are beginning in Syracuse NY and a grant from the Fetzer Institute that  my collaborator Barb and I were waiting on.    At the end of the call Molly offered us a space on her show and I told her we would reach out if we actually received the grant for our project, Designing Justice Designing Spaces. DJDS is a project that will take Barb and I into institutions, architecture firms, conferences and communities across the country to develop a toolkit for working with incarcerated populations at the edge of restorative justice and design. In late December we heard from the Fetzer Institute that we had indeed been granted funding to continue this work. I am grateful for the stewardship of Brad Grant at Howard University who advocated for and sponsored our project with the Fetzer Institute and now to Molly for giving us the opportunity to share this work to a larger audience. I hope you can join us tomorrow evening on Molly’s weekly podcast Restorative Justice on the Rise where we will share next steps and engage in conversation about an alternative future for justice architecture.

Barb Toews Teaching

Barb Toews Teaching

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