Herman’s House PBS Broadcast



Just a notice if you are free tonight to watch the PBS broadcast of  Herman’s House tonight at 10:00 PM EST. I have been in touch with the directors and producers of this film and they are completely committed to exposing the conditions of our spaces of incarceration. They do  so by telling the story of  Herman Wallace who has been kept in solitary confinement for 40 years in a 6×9 foot cell as he envisions what his  dream home would look like with artist Jackie Sumell. It  shows how imagining space  can provide those in horrific conditions some feeling of agency in their lives and healing . It is a powerful example I intend to use in my own work to prove the impact of design beyond just the physical. I hope you will be able to watch it and share your thoughts here and with others.

Herman's House

Herman’s House

One thought on “Herman’s House PBS Broadcast

  1. I watched this film last year when we were programming for the Human Rights Arts and Film Festival.  Unfortunately the rest of the team didn’t think that it was strong enough for the festival, but boy it made me cry.  I’d love to hear an update on Herman now.



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