Restorative Justice Design-The Mediation Womb

“Biophilia hypothesis suggests that there is an instinctive bond between human beings and other living systems

~Edward Osborn/Wikepedia

Washington DC Skyline Lightning Montage

Original Photography by Navin Sarma

As the Loeb year draws to a close projects that I have been working on are start to bear fruit. The first of these is the manifestation of designs for restorative justice that include  “The Mediation Womb” a space for restorative justice peacemaking circles and “The Mediation Panel” a furniture system that can be used to create circular spaces within rectilinear ones for the same purpose. The preliminary prototype design for this system is nearly printed but “The Mediation Womb” is out and ready for further development. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and impressions of it.

The Mediation Womb

The form of this architecture is generated from a woman’s womb filled out with a child. It represents my belief that spaces for peace making and reparation need to explore more organic forms to represent the values inherent in its philosophy and to connect to our innate connection to biophilic forms. So far we are testing the impact of translucency but further models will look at perforations in the envelop and texture. The volume splays out to provide spaces for up to 25 people and there are two entrances for victim and offender before they meet in circle. Many thoughts are coming to my mind when I view these wondering how and if we need to create a smaller spaces that aggregated around these entries where those parties can prepare and reflect for the meeting about to take e place. Light will spill in through an oculus above but it may be essential to create additional openings around the perimeter with views to nature. We will then need to explore how to shield views into the womb, simultaneously providing containment, privacy and openness.


Clustered Wombs
Photography by Deanna Van Buren

Mediation Womb Close Up

Mediation Womb Close Up
Photography by Deanna Van Buren

Washington Monument Panorama Montage

Photography by Have Camera Will Travel

2 thoughts on “Restorative Justice Design-The Mediation Womb

  1. Dear Deanna,

    I love reading your posts and am so excited about your thinking about space to contain restorative practices. I love the whole movement toward space and the Feminine – I think we have alot to learn about space from the Feminine – the need for inclusion that is honoring of all that may transpire through the need for relationship and the goal of strengthening coming together; the idea of birthing through messiness; the unexpected outcomes; and the implied growth of whatever we birth through the restorative practices. Just love it!!! Thank you for your sensitivity to flexibility, your brilliance in pursuing this passion and your diligence in the discoveries you are making.
    Rita Renjitham

  2. Bellarticolo, molto utile! Stavo facendo le mie belle letture di post pre-nanna, per lasciare magari qualche commento… quando ho letto questo articolo! Grazie delle dritte!!!

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