Design Deserts


New skills, services and project delivery methods are being developed across the design professions to improve creativity and service to our clients, gain greater relevance amongst our general population and facilitate the challenges we face in the field.  While these efforts are critical to the development of our  practice, architects and designers still think in a limited way regarding how, when and where our services can be applied. Often both our industry and society perceive us as experts that  are called in after planning and policies have been decided if we are called in at all. In some cases we don’t even see or ignore areas where our skills could be of benefit for the greater good. This blog looks to inspire with narratives of people and projects that are redefining how we work across industry silos into design deserts to solve social problems and generate new visions for society .  With the dissolution of the medium size architecture, landscape, planning  and design firms into the extra small and extra large  the design professions are changing and we are having to discover new markets and methods for practicing that will  re-envision the role of the designer as change maker, scientist, artist, activist, video game developer  and even social entrepreneur as we explore our capacities to bridge across disciplines.